Norwegian Elkhound

Norwegian Elkhound
Hound Group

Norwegian Elkhound - General Information

Weight: 45 - 55 Pounds

Height: 19.5 to 22 inches to the shoulder
Temperament and Character The Norwegian Elkhound is gentle and devoted to their owner. They are brave, inquisitive, intelligent, independent, reliable, and friendly. Although the Norwegian Elk hound was developed as an active hunting dog it is also obedient. This dog makes a pet providing it is given lots of daily exercise outside in a cold climate. They need firm but not harsh training and make good watchdogs. This dog is extremely vocal and barks a lot.

Living conditions and Exercise Requirements The Norwegian Elkhound dogs and puppies are not well suited to living in the town because they require a substantial amount of exercise and invigorating play. It is well suited to living in cold climates can live outdoors in kennels although it is happiest living with a family.